3rd April 2018.

A wonderful month for sponsorships, which took a jump after a slow start to the year. Thank you to the seven new sponsors who have changed children’s lives!

March made us so happy. We were able to tell SEVEN children that they no longer had to worry about their school futures. The relief from children and their families is one of our favourite parts of being able to give educational sponsorships.

Not only does a sponsorship ease the immediate financial burden that families face, it sets the course in motion for a new future. Children who would have dropped out of school can graduate. That means more than just a certificate.

Graduating high school and having access to educational opportunities opens a door that was previously closed. Children will be able to find jobs after school and follow their dreams.

That is the difference that is being made for seven lucky children from our Sponsorship Waiting List. For Ayu, Cirty, Made, Silvia, Hena, Putu and Dewi their futures are now in their hands.

Our sincerest thanks go to new sponsors in March of Tika Dewi, Herbie, Monina, Yulia, Chris, Karin and Elizabeth.

Sponsorship is a commitment to help children finish school against the odds. Monthly sponsorships means our local co-ordinators can supply children with all their school needs.

If you are considering becoming a sponsor, you can find all the information you need in our Sponsorship section or see children still waiting on our Sponsorship Waiting List.