Balinese students have taken their learning online thanks to new mobile phone web application recently launched by Bali Children’s Project.

Times have been tough to students in Bali, as schools are closed, but classes continue online.

It’s not easy to learn but we’ve seen so many children committed to their educations and trying their best to study from home.

COVID-19 Approach

Under normal circumstances, Bali Children’s Project’s team are busy visiting schools, delivering sex education workshops and helping to inspire student health groups.

The program has proved to ba a huge success and has helped tens of thousands of students understand issues ranging from puberty to HIV and AIDS education.

With COVID-19 shutting schools and moving education online, we were thankfully already prepared thanks to our new mobile phone Web App. Our trusty team have also moved online, undertaking classes via online too.

World  Goes Online

With most teenagers having access to a smartphone, Bali Children’s Project has been developing the mobile phone Web App since 2019. Full of quizzes, videos, advice, how-to information and more, the app gives students access to a world of information at the touch of a button.

Our team have been setting a challenge for students to get 100% on various quizzes. The quizzes include a new COVID-19 health awareness quiz, along with HIV and AIDS, reproduction and more.

Sex is a taboo subject in Bali and is extremely limited in the school curriculum. The Web App is an important way to give students access to this information in complete privacy. Taboos and myths are broken down with pages including how condoms protect agains sexual disease.

HIV and AIDS Education

It may seem like fun, but these are important lessons to learn. HIV and AIDS continues to rise in Bali and without education, students are not well equipped to make informed choices about their inevitable sexual futures.

School health groups, known as ‘KSPAN’ groups are being encouraged to share the Web App with their school friends online. So far in April the Web App has received just under 1,000 individual hits from students all keen to learn at home.

Bali Children’s Project is constantly seeking support to ensure the long term future of this project, which currently relies on grants and time-limited annual funding. Please contact us if you can help.


The 2020 program is made possible thanks to support from The Mel Wolf Foundation, The Mercury Pheonix Foundation and Grant and Sonia.

We are currently searching for sustained future funding for 2021-2025.