20th September 2016.

Our touring sex education workshops visited 5 schools in Kintamani, educating over 600 teenagers. The workshops were an eye opener for students.

Kintamani is know as one of the most beautiful areas of Bali, situated in the mountains, 1 hour north of Ubud.

sex2Visiting 5 schools of SMKN 3 Kintamani, SMPN 1 Kintamani, SMPN 3 Kintamani, SMPN 4 Songon and SMPN 5 Kintamani, our team reached 600 children in just 5 days!

Our unique Sex Education workshops bring crucial knowledge to teenagers – teaching them about sex, drugs, HIV and AIDS and more.

HIV and AIDS are rising in Bali, with figures increasing every single year.

Bali Children’s Project aim to help equip teenagers with essential information through our engaging workshops.

sex1The workshops start with fun brain games and include videos, group work, condom simulation, Q&A, testimonies and more.

For many youngsters, this information is completely new – something that is not often talked about.

We were also joined by local health representatives who thanked us for bringing the information to schools.

sex4Many schools in Bali have a KSPAN program (HIV & AIDS ‘club’) to help students learn of the issues – with which our team also helps to develop.

As with most workshops, the test results were encouraging, with students posting much high results in their ‘before and after’ multiple choice tests.

Our ongoing thanks goes to Three Monkeys Cafe Bali and the Mel Wolf Foundation, whose funds are supporting the program in 2016.

More photos are in our Facebook album.