Sex Education Returns to Bali for 2024

Bali’s struggle with the lack of comprehensive sex education is about to undergo a positive change as our Sex Education program returns in 2024, thanks to the generous support of the Mercury Phoenix Trust, COMO Uma and COMO Shambhala Estate.

After a project hiatus in 2023, Bali Children’s Project is excited to say that we will be bringing back our Sex Education program, this time with an innovative new structure.

The program from 2024 – 2025 is funded by supporters The Mercury Phoenix Trust, COMO Uma and COMO Shambala

Sex Education in Bali

The absence of effective sexual education in Bali’s schools has left adolescents vulnerable to a myriad of challenges. Surveys of student knowledge surrounding sex education have shown a huge lack of understanding about sexual activity and potential repercussions.

Cultural barriers, limited resources, and societal stigmas have contributed to a lack of knowledge, putting teenagers at risk of sexually transmitted infections, HIV, unintended pregnancies, and a lack of informed decision-making.

Students in Bali are often left unaware about how pregnancy occurs

Building on a Legacy

Since its inception in 2013, Bali Children’s Project has been committed to addressing this crucial issue. Starting out as direct delivery of sex education workshops to classes, we soon realised that in order to impact more students, a new approach would be needed.

In 2023, we have reimagined the program’s approach to ensure as many students as possible can access sex education. Using the same pioneering approach as our Child Protection program, we aim to empower schools to implement their own sex education.

Our team will train teachers in how to conduct sexual health education

Capacity Building Approach

The initiative involves our signing agreements with educational boards, helping to legitimize the program to teachers and schools. Once signed, schools will attend our teacher training workshops, equipping teachers with the knowledge they need to educate in their schools.

Combined with an expansive online education platform, teacher’s manual and dedicated YouTube channel, teachers will have access to all they need.

Our aim is to reach all 727 high schools in Bali, training a minimum of 800 teachers and trainee teachers and educating 50,000+ students.

Using an innovative approach, schools will be given all the tools and resources needed to run sex education

Sustainability through Education

To ensure long-term impact, all resources will be accessible online for free, reducing reliance on external factors for sexual education. By inspiring and empowering teachers through workshops, we will create a self-sufficient network of educators invested in sex education.

Once trained, our team will have the task of supporting, monitoring and evaluating participating schools. Through maintaining active refresher courses, teachers chat groups and in-person assessment/assistance, our team will help teachers put into practice what they have learned.

The project follows the pioneering Child Protection program template

Securing the Future of Sex Education

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