Mattress Joy Following Successful Appeal

Children could not contain their excitement this month, as we delivered mattresses fundraised from our Christmas Mattress Appeal.

The appeal ran throughout December and raised 30 mattresses, thanks to incredible generosity from Bali Children’s Project supporters. If you wanted to contribute, there’s still time. In fact, mattresses can be delivered any time of the year. See the appeal page

It was set up to help children who sleep on floors or very basic, hard beds. While not a full program itself, Bali Children’s Project launched the appeal after continuing to see terrible sleeping condition for children.

By the end of December, we had raised 4,868 USD from 47 donors, which means we can deliver 30 mattresses!

In January, the team has been busy delivering mattresses to unsuspecting children, who struggled to contain their excitement.

Mattresses are a pipe dream for families living in poverty. Food, water and daily living costs all take priority. Luxuries like mattresses are never really considered because families know that they could never afford such comforts.

Dreams have now come true in more ways than one for children in Bali. A comfortable mattress means they can sleep well and start their school day refreshed and ready to learn.

Our gratitude to all Mattress Appeal donors. You have truly changed daily life for children living in poverty and we thank you with all our hearts.

You can see a list of ways to support, including mattresses, here.



You can help support Balinese families too! We rely solely on donations to deliver our work.

See our Ways to Help page for info about how you can support children in Bali.