4th April 2018.

Bali Children’s Project are pleased to present Sintiyani’s story. A young lady whose life has already turned around thanks to sponsorship, and she hasn’t even finished school just yet!

Sintiyani caring for her younger brother

Sintiyani paying her school fees

Family Struggles

Two years ago, Sintiayani was on the verge of dropping out from school. Her family struggle to keep up with costs, with life getting tougher as Sintiyani’s little brother suffers with Cerebral Palsy.

Sintiyani, like many children in Bali, was drowning in school debt. She had her SPP (monthly school fee) to pay for, her extra study classes, school supplies, books and more. There was just no way her family could afford it.

Sponsorship Secured

Thankfully, Ardilles heard about Sintiyani’s story and began sponsoring her for school. It instantly took away all the financial pressure that the family were struggling with.

Sintiyani has always been a diligent student and has dreams of becoming a doctor, although she also has a backup plan of working in Bali’s strong hospitality industry. She goes out of her

Awarded first place in her grade in her lastest exam

way to help her family and younger brother, as well as volunteering within her school’s Cancer Awareness group and bottle recycling program.

Sintiyani is sponsored by Ardilles

Sintiyani’s sponsorship changed everything. Although she is still only in grade 9, she has doubled down on her education, putting her all into it.

Future Plans

Her drive is such that during her last two school exams, she finished first in the whole grade. Sintiyani is now looking to the national exams and is studying just as hard.

Having someone to believe in her and her school costs being covered has meant the world for Sintiyani. She has been able to focus and not worry about being a burden to her struggling family.

We are looking forward to seeing Sintiyani graduate and move on to senior high school in just a couple of months. The final 3 years of school in Bali are often the most expensive, and many girls like Sintiyani struggle with the cost.

Sponsorship Changes Lives

Ardilles’ sponsorship has changed Sintiyani’s future. For Sintiyani, she can focus on studying and building a new future, but for so many others, that is not the case. We are always updating our Sponsorship Waiting List with children hoping for a sponsorship.

Our sponsorship program focuses on supporting the children who are at the highest risk of dropping out of school. After finding a sponsor, we cover all school costs and support the child through school.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor you can find out more here or see our Sponsorship Waiting List here.