28th February 2018.

16 year old Siska is in desperate need of sponsorship. Her schools debts are mounting and her recent bad luck compounded when her previous sponsor stopped.

The kitchen storage area in Siska’s house

Siska’s Still Dreaming


Sixteen years old and now in grade 10, Ni Wayan Siskayanti of Bangli is scared that she won’t be able to continue in High School. She was top of her class all through Jr High and is maintaining her high grades.

Siska (second from left) with her parents and little sister

Such is her dedication to school, Siska tried for a scholarship to the best scholarship school in Bali but her application was unsuccessful. Her parents had agreed to let her apply for that because then school would be free, but without it there’s no help.

In a last ditch attempt for support, Siska got in touch with our local co-ordinator. It was her only hope of finishing school.

Bad Luck

She got help to make the Entrance Fee this year and paid off a small portion of her debt, but her sponsor stopped and now she must meet ongoing school fees and costs. She is already

Siska’s house

significantly in debt. Her parents are unable to pay or take out loans.

Siska’s father works as a laborer. As a construction laborer, he can earn up to IDR 80,000 per day (about $6.50). As a manual laborer for carrying materials such as bricks, stones and sand, he can earn up to IDR 30,000 (about $1.75).

He doesn’t get to work every day so he has no fixed income. Her mother is a housewife, but she usually makes tusuk sate or satay skewers

The family kitchen


from bamboo. Usually she orders a pick-up car worth of bamboo for IDR 400,000. From that bamboo, she usually finishes making the skewers after one and a half month. She gets a profit of IDR 300,000 ($22) from selling the satay skewers.

Despite their best efforts, it’s simply not enough, between them both, to send Siska to high school and also support her younger sister.

Siska’s life can change here

Siska’s Crossroads

This is a crucial time in Siska’s life. She either graduates or doesn’t. Graduation leads to more opportunities, but without a graduation certificate, she’d most like literally carve her career with bamboo skewers. She wants something more though.

Siska’s dream is to be a doctor. However, knowing how limited her family is financially, she wants know that may not come true, so also wants work in a hotel at as the receptionist or front office.

She only speaks basic English and would love the chance to take extra classes in that too. Sponsoring Siska would help to pay off her debt and ongoing fees. It would cover her costs and even help her into extra English classes. Most importantly, she would graduate from school and it would keep her dreams alive.

Can you be the luck she needs?

To sponsor Wayan Siskayanti, please select $40 USD monthly donation here: https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/BCP, and input ‘For Ni Wayan Siskayanti’ into the dedication box.