14th September 2015.

Putu Sudirja and sister Tari got a lovely surprise when sponsor Leslie decided to send them some special gifts to make their lives more comfortable…literally!

Sometimes we are deeply saddened to see the circumstances many children live in. It is our job to help change those circumstances by sending them to school and helping them break the cycle of poverty.

WMAT2ith our main priority being to improve children’s lives through education, it can sometimes be difficult to also focus on improving home life. With all funds going to sponsorship of school needs, there is little money left over to help home life.

It’s a sad fact that the majority of children we sponsor don’t even have a suitable bed to sleep on. This was the case for Putu and his sister Tari.

We were fortunate enough to have found kind sponsors in Leslie (sponsor of Putu) and Susan (sponsor of Tari), who have both begun sponsoring the siblings this year.

Leslie got in touch and asked use ‘what else can I do to help the family?’ and the answer was clear as day to us. Leslie sent through an extra donation that enabled us to buy some much needed home comforts for the family.A CHECKING OUT THE GOODS

We went to buy a brand new double mattress, to replace the old, thin and uncomfortable mattress they had before. Not only that, the donation enabled us to buy new storage units and bed sheets.

Previously the children had nowhere to put their clothes and quite poor sleeping conditions. Now their life has become a little more comfortable in all senses of the word.

They are able to access school without having to worry about money and now have a comfortable area to sleep. The smiles on the whole family’s faces were contagious as we turned up with the new home comforts. They would have never been able to afford these items before.

MAT23It just shows that one small gesture can make a big difference to those in need. We thank Leslie for her donation that enabled us to bring a little extra joy to this hard working, but low income family.

If you are interested in helping provide home comforts for families in need, please take a look at our Children’s Wishlist or get in touch. However small a gesture may appear, there’s no telling how much it can mean to those less fortunate.