19th June 2017.

We caught up with long term supporter Raven, whose recent visit to Bali highlighted in her mind the importance of sponsoring children for school.

Raven has been supporting Bali Children’s Project since the very early days. In fact, she is our longest serving sponsor, consistently sponsoring children for school for over a decade.

Raven became a sponsor after her friend Linda Venter founded Bali Children’s Project. Starting to sponsor one needy young lady back in 2002, Raven has seen her support help Kadek Yuli make it all the way to university. Such is the inspiration sponsorships can harness in children.

I have worked in New York with compromised children since 1995 and know firsthand how one person can make an enormous difference in a child’s life.  Linda is my hero, the work that she is doing to change the environment thru education is enormous and I feel privileged to be involved.”

Raven continued sponsorship with Emas, an extremely talented young lady, whose circumstances were dire. After Emas and her brother Anom lost their father, the family’s main income was lost too.

Emas has a special talent for Balinese Gamelan and singing and is hoping to follow in the footsteps of her brother Anom (sponsored by Bethlyn), who is now about to graduate and gain a renowned government scholarship for his talent. Neither Anom nor Emas would have been able to pay school fees without sponsorship.

“Children are the future and education is an integral element for young children to grow their minds and make a better life for themselves and their family. The work that BCP is doing is incredible.”

Since sponsoring, she has dedicated much of her spare time convincing others to do the same. In fact, she has convinced nine (yes nine!) friends to become sponsors too.

“After listening to me for the past 15 years my friends know how important BCP is to me. I wish I could sponsor all of the children on your list, since I can’t I’m making it my goal to get my friends and anyone that will listen involved.”

On her recent visit to Bali, Raven came to see first hand the impact of sponsorships. Visiting children on behalf of her friends who couldn’t make it, Raven’s resolve only grew stronger.

“It was wonderful meeting everyone at Bali Children’s Project.  All of the staff work so hard to make a difference, it’s very inspiring. I love the passion and dedication of all involved. They way Bali Children’s Project has structured the sponsorships allows us to see exactly how lives are being changed.”

Raven’s promotion of Bali Children’s Project to her friends has made a massive impact in Bali. It has given children who had no hope of finishing high school a chance. With a high school diploma, children are able to unlock new opportunities and help escape poverty through education.

It’s the individual generosity from Raven, her friends and the 260+ sponsors from all over the world that gives children a chance to chase their dreams.

“My friends know how important it is to have an education and are happy to help in any way possible. After reading the different profiles and seeing the childrens photos they knew that this was the commitment for them.”

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, see our Set up a Sponsorship Page or get in touch if you have any questions.