29th March 2016.

What do carpets, painting, blackboards, teaching materials and learning toys all have in common? That’s right, they are all missing from many underprivileged schools in Bali.

Bali Children’s Project launched our newest round of support schools last week be delivering some much needed equipment and materials to needy schools.

teachersHeaded by our wonderful and dedicated Ayu Trishna, we headed to four schools to donate just a few items that they were in great need of.

Supporting Underprivileged Schoools in Bali

Ayu has been working hard to shortlist and prioritise new underprivileged schools for support. And thanks to kind donations from supporters, we were able to hand deliver a few items that make life a little easier for both students and teacherwhiteboards.

The four new schools – located in Pejeng and Katiklantang (near Ubud) – struggle with very little materials. Many schools have crumbling walls, bare corners and hardly any teaching materials. Books are non-existent and the small payments made by children’s families are barely enough to cover a teachers salary.

justionThe Bare Necessities 

In one school we visited, the children were playing with cardboard boxes. In another, we were shown the few old wooden toys and the worn out colouring materials. It really highlighted the need for these schools to be equipped with good quality learning materials.

The deliveries included new carpets, portable whiteboards, teachers equipment and children learning materials. There was plenty more to get through as we visited four new schools.

pastalsMore Support on the Way

We were able to make the donations thanks to the kindness of supporter Mark and Family and funds donated from Bali’s Regents School.

While the deliveries were hugely appreciated, there are many more items needed for the underprivileged schools. And thankfully, they will be receiving much more support thanks to Ayu’s work.

kids2Even more great news is on the way for the schools too. Supporters from the Regents School and the International School of Kuala Lumper are all planning to provide essential new resources.

The support is part of our wider program to help schools in need. This year, we will be adding dozens of new schools to our program and launching a new school linkage program. We’re so excited to see the difference it will make.

You can read more about the program here.


You can support our schools! You can donate, see our children’s wishlist or get in touch To donate directly, remember to click ‘for school support program’.

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