Suryani’s Story

We’re always excited to see what our former graduates have been up to since finishing school.

Recently we heard from Suryani, a 2018 school graduate who has managed to achieve her dream, while laying out an exciting career path.

Suryani’s Sponsorship

Suryani was one of hundreds of children who have been sponsored by Bali Children’s Project. On the brink of dropping out, Suryani’s future was looking dim.

She’d always ranked high in class and was an extremely hard worker, but her family lived in poverty. Her father, a basic construction worker, was lucky to earn $60 USD in any given month.

Desperate to stay in school, Suryani had made it to the 11th grade, paying what she could from her part time job making mosaic bowls. It still wasn’t enough though and Suryani had racked up a huge debt for her school fees. It was looking like she’d have to drop out, or have her school graduation cancelled because of the unpaid bills.

It’s a sad reality in Bali that high school can be expensive, especially for specialist vocational senior high schools.

Concerned about Suryani, one of her teachers got in touch and Suryani was placed on the Bali Children’s Project sponsorship waiting list – a waiting area where students looking for sponsorships are published. Supporter Chris came to the rescue, becoming her sponsor and sparking a new direction in Suryani’s life.

Life Changing

Things were finally looking up. Instead of a life of laboring like her father, Suryani could dare to dream about a future she wanted.

Thanks to Chris’ sponsorship, Suryani paid off her school debt and stayed in school. She graduated with flying colors, with Multimedia as her major. When we interviewed her upon graduation she told us of her plans to work in admin departments of a hotel.

To give herself the best chance possible, Suryani had also applied for a 1 year college scholarship with Campuhan College – Ubud’s famous college for high school leavers. She was succesful and spent the next year studying in administation and accounting – as well as learning English.

Dreams do Come True

Upon graduating from Campuhan College, Suryani set about finding work in the real world. It didn’t take her long to find a job working in the area she wanted. In fact, the day after graduating from college, she was offered a job!

Suryani was hired by Ubud hotel Kuwarasan as part of their administration department. Her skills from school and college made her a natural fit and now she is the pride of her family.

Going to work in an office is regarded highly in Bali, especially for youngsters who are from backgrounds of poverty. Suryani’s job entails entering booking information and general administration.

Suryani has already been working there 5 months and is enjoying her life.

“I love my job because I am able to earn a good salary. I can help my family now and I know I have a stable income.” Suryani told our Sponsorship Team.

“My message to Chris? Thank you so much for sponsoring me and supporting my education with the expenses.”

It still feels like Suryani is at the start of a long and exciting career and we are so happy to hear about her success.

Suryani is one of the lucky students to become sponsored and work their way into a great job. She is the embodiment of why our sponsorship program exists – to help children escape poverty through education.

If you would like to become a sponsor and help a student just like Suryani, you can find more infomation here.

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