Kind supporter Susan and family have become her sponsor! It means she will be able to stay in school and have the best possible change of achieving her dream of becoming a chef. Tari is from a family of 10 and despite everyone pitching in, her family simply would not be able to keep up with school costs. We are so excited to tell Tari the good news.

We are overwhelmed at the number of people kindly supporting children like Tari. You can sponsor too. Just take a look at our sponsorship page or get in touch for more. https://balichildrensproject.org/sponsor

This was Tari’s story…

8 year old girl Tari is crying out for school sponsorship. She is from a family of 10 who just cannot keep up with the costs for daily life, as well as school costs.

Tari sleeps with her parents and brother in one room. Despite all the family pitching in, making ends meet is tough.

Without funding costs for school, Tari would most likely drop out of education completely. We are appealing for a kind person to sponsor Tari’s school costs. It will truly help to change her life and achieve her dreams of becoming a chef.
Please contact us at info@balichildrensproject.org to sponsor Tari. Or you can sponsor directly by going to our Donate Page and marking your donation ‘FOR NI MADE DIANTARI (TARI)”. Sponsorship is $40 per month and covers all school costs, materials, school fees and administration of sponsorship.

Here is Tari’s translated letter to her potential sponsor

My name is Ni Made Diantari, my nick name is Tari. I am 8 years old, I was born on October 7th 2006, I am 2nd grades at Elementary school in Bongkasa village. I have one older brother and one younger brother, one of my older brothers is sponsored by Bali DIANTARI WITH MOM & BROTHER AND MAYBE COUSIN-Children’s Project, and we really need sponsor for our education.

I live with both of my parents, we are poor family, I have a less simple house. In one compound we live with 10 people. We have 3 bedrooms for 10 people, one for my family, one for grandmother and grandfather, the last one is for my uncle family. I sleep with my parents and brother in one bedroom.  My father job is a building maker in Bali call Buruh (labor).

In my house there is not a toilet, all activities like washing clothes, take a bath, to get water for drink and cook and etc we do at the river. In house no one person is sick or getting disease. After school time my brother works at a small store (warung) he works as a NI MADE DIANTARI 2helper or labor, he helps to transporting gas cylinder to the small store (warung) everyday, he works to pay our family bills also.

After school time when I have a free time I help my mother to keep my sister as a baby sitter at home, because my mother works at the rice field. My hobbies are dancing and running, I love to dance especially Balinese dance. My favorite subject is a math I love math because I love number and I love to count.  My goal is to be a chef. I want to continue my education focus at cooking school at tourism school or at hotel program. I will study hard seriously to get great mark and reach my dream as a chef. I really want to get a sponsor and continue my education for my dream and my future.

Best Regards