23rd March 2017.

This year Bali Children’s Project has provided some great new additions to 2017’s Child Protection workshops, which have been a roaring success.

Child Protection in Bali

More excellent news from Bali Children’s Project’s recently launched Child Protection Workshops.

Following a successful trial and a warm welcome from many schools in 2016, the program has continued into 2017, with some great new additions.

Program Manager Opy Sulauman has further refined the workshops – which are intended to help children understand and react to signs of abuse.

Teaching Child Protection

The program consists of two separate two hour sessions, broken up into sections including a fun brain gym game, an informative UNICEF video, questions and answers, body parts, ‘I am Unique’ film, a group discussion and reading time of our new Child Protection Booklet.

The full extent of the issue in Bali is not fully known, with many people feeling it is a difficult subject to broach or talk about. One thing that is known is that abuse happens and that often children may not understand what it is or how they can get help.

How it Works

Supported by our ever present Lead Facilitators  Bella and Vika, the sessions are a welcome addition to schools. It helps their students to
understand and react to signs of abuse.

Students learn what constitutes abuse, how their body belongs to them and what they can do if they spot signs of abuse. Each student receives a reference booklet, specially adapted by Bali Children’s Project, using Dr Mandy Brauer’s ‘We are Special; Our Bodies are Special Too’ hardcover book, created using key messages from the original Egyptian book.


The workshops have proven so successful that every school involved in the program has asked for a return visit.

In January, February and March 2017, Bali Children’s Project has visited six schools in Gianyar, educating 579 students.

Another pilot addition to the program this year are new Teacher and Community Workshops, which will aim educate parents and teachers on how to educate children too. These workshops will be trialled later this year.

Supporting the Workshops

Our sincere thanks goes to the Mel Wolf Foundation and Three Monkeys Cafe for funding these workshops.

If you can help us expand this program, please get in touch.