Bali Children’s Project is proud to announce funding for a further ten school/library renovations in Bali, thanks to support from Karmagawa.

After the pandemic caused a huge slowdown in support for both kindergarten and library projects in Bali, Karmagawa have come to the rescue by announcing support of ten more projects in Bali.

In a partnership started in 2016, Karmagawa has helped to fund 21 projects in Bali, providing thousands of children with access to early education and quality learning centres.

Crucial Timing

It may seem like a strange time to be building and renovating schools. But it has never been more important.

The pandemic has forced a switch to studying at home or online, which impacts children’s education drastically. While studying at home is as good as it can get during the pandemic, it means children are unable to access the same level of education.

The purpose of kindergartens and learning centre renovations is to provide high quality learning environments for children to learn and these facilities have never been more important.

While currently empty, it’s important to look to the future and help children access even better quality education when they return to school.

The projects will inspire whole villages and will give a massive new push for Bali’s rural communities to come back stronger than ever and make up for lost classroom time.

“You can see the difference these projects make to communities” said Schools Support Manager Ayu Trisna.

“Once we help them to renovate a kindergarten, attendance improves. The parents want to send their children to school, when previously they weren’t as interested.”

“We help to train teachers and ensure the children can access great quality ‘Play Based Learning’. The whole community gets a new sense of pride and it changes their children’s lives”. 

Schools in Need

Ten More Projects

Announcing new funding over Instagram, Karmagawa’s aim is to support 1,000 learning facilities across the world. The new funding will make 31 of those in rural Bali.

“Some people might think Bali has great quality libraries. But especially in rural areas, schools cannot afford to make their libraries interesting places to learn.” Gusti Mahardiyani, Libraries and Learning Centres Manager explained.

“We find the libraries that are in poor condition and transform them. We renovate the building, give new books, furniture, supplies and murals.”

“To make the facility even more valuable, we sign an agreement to ensure the school will run computer lessons, English lessons and open at regular times so children can come and learn.”

The new projects will provide incredibly important learning facilities both for kindergarteners and elementary students. Looking to the future, building an infrastructure of quality schools means that children can develop their skills and have great opportunities in life.

Exciting Times Ahead

We cannot thank Karmagawa enough for their continued support which will help even more students in rural Bali access high quality educational facilities.

At a time when the world is struggling with the pandemic, projects like this offer communities hope for the future and give children inspiration to return to school.

We can’t wait to get started!

Before and After

Many facilities in Bali are in need of renovation. You can help by funding a renovation too.

Bali Children’s Project is proud to help schools and libraries improve, as well as showing donors exactly how their funds are spent. Please help us to transform more schools in Bali.