Alcalay & Friends Learning Center Opens in Bali

Bali Children’s Project proudly presents our 102nd completed renovation project in Bali, the Alcalay & Friends Learning Center.

As part of a bicycle tour in 2022, Michael and Marisa were shown around a school as part of showing the tour group about Balinese life.

Michael and Marisa were shocked to see the state of the library at Manukaya elementary school. With no interesting books, they saw how the library was full only of black and white text books. With no computers or proper furniture, the library was hardly used by students.

It’s a common story in Bali – although a library building is mandatory in elementary schools, many schools lack the books, furniture and an inspiring building. It means that children of elementary age rarely read story books to inspire their imagination.

Renovating the Library

After seeing the state of the library, Michael and Marisa got in touch with Bali Children’s Project. Asked what we could do, we told them our issue; our organization can only renovate libraries once we have the funding to do so.

The kind couple then made it their mission to raise the neccessary funds to renovate Manukaya’s library. A few months later, and thanks to support from their friends and family memebers, they had hit the fundraising target.

Unused Library to Learning Center

Thanks to their support, we were able to begin the renovation of the library into a learning center.

Providing hundreds of new books, building repairs, new furniture and our trademark mural to inspire children, the day came to open the new learning center.

Joined by Michael and Marisa, we had the pleasure of opening this, our 103rd renovation project in Bali.

Support a Learning Center Renovation

With this being our 102nd completed project in Bali, the future is bright for these students at this school.

Libraries are essential facilities for inspiring children and developing their future dreams. They are a place where children can discover new worlds and learn how to read, write and use computers.

Over the years, this learning center will impact thousands of students, and you you can help too!

Donors are welcome to support full learning center renovations by seeing our libraries waiting list or by helping equip learning centers with new books.

If you have any questions or would like to support this, please get in touch.

In Michael’s Words…

Writing on the GoFundMe page, Michael explained why he went to such effort to help. He also made this wonderful video of the opening at Manukaya.
This past summer, my wife and I enjoyed a great visit to Bali, Indonesia, where we had a truly unique and inspiring experience. As we toured the island, we became acquainted with many people who welcomed us to their community. On one of our excursions, we toured an elementary school where the kids showered us with their kindness and hospitality.
As we made our way around the school, we came to the school library. As my wife is a librarian in an elementary school, we both knew that what we had just stepped into was a beaten-up room used chiefly for storing old books, worn bookcases, and other unused items. Yet the kids that surrounded us and shared their smiles were just amazing. From that moment, I knew we could help do a small deed that would go a long way to bring a pleasant and cheerful place for these kids to go and learn.
During our visit, we learned that many families in Bali live in extreme poverty. Their schools were filled with old wooden desks and wooden benches—virtually no technology except for some older model smartphones.
When we returned home, we decided to raise funds to renovate the SD NEGERI 6 MANUKAYA School library. Having made contact with the Bali Children’s Project, our goal is to raise the needed funds to provide a warm, friendly, and inspiring place where students can go and learn about their culture and the world.
With your help, we can make this small project a reality for these deserving students. Our goal is to raise $14,900, which will completely renovate the space with new electrical, flooring, furniture, paint, internet connection, mural, computer, bookshelves, and many books. The space will be transformed from a dreary room to a magical and happy learning center.



Fund a School

Many kindergartens in Bali lack good supplies, facilities and more. We aim to renovate these kindergartens and transform them into quality learning spaces for children. But we can only do it with help from supporters like you.