The Class of 2021: 81 Students Graduate

Bali Children’s Project is delighted to say that 81 students have achieved something that they never thought possible – graduation from high school.

It is all thanks to the incredible sponsors who committed to supporting their school costs.

In Bali, high school costs money. It means that children from poorer families end up dropping out. One in every five students in Bali drop out from school.

Sponsorship Futures

As Bali Children’s Project founding program, the sponsorships were set up to help find and support children who are at high risk of dropping out.

Through project co-ordinators in each area, once students are sponsored, all of their school needs are taken care of. It’s a guaranteed route through school and a life changing intervention.

With their educational careers unlocked, children are given their basic right of a full education – unlocking their future potential.

Instead of being restricted within the cycle of poverty, graduates are able to achieve their dreams.

A Year Like No Other

For the class of 2021 there is a huge sense of achievement – even more so than usual.

Students persevered through the pandemic, despite increased financial and emotional stresses their families had to suffer due to the pandemic.

School was moved online and students finished their school careers without the usual graduation ceremony.

Even in difficult times, these students have risen to the challenge and still have great futures ahead of them.

New Futures

Out of the 81 graduates, 42 girls and 39 boys have completed their schooling. It cannot be understated how important this is. They are the first in their families to ever graduate.

21 of those students have even managed to secure scholarships or support to access higher education as they move on to college.

For these 81 students, their high school graduation means they have opportunities they never could have accessed before.

There is no denying that they have graduated at a difficult time though.

Many students have graduated from tourism majors – and there is little work available during the pandemic and closed borders. But they are set up extremely well to access work once tourism returns.

Kind Donors

Thanks to the incredible support of every single donor, these children now have a new chance in life.

Often a commitment of years, each donor supported their student through school by setting up a $40USD a month donation.

The donation covered all of their school costs – entry fees, semester fees, extra class fees, uniforms, materials, study trips and more.

It also enabled our sponsorship team to be there for every step of the journey, helping to guide and support all of their educational needs.

You can find out more about sponsorships here or see students currently awaiting sponsors here.


Suastini was orphaned at age 11 and would have dropped out of school without support. She only lives with her grandma who earns no income. Sponsored by Jenn and Sean and inspired to stay in school, Suastini shot up her high school rankings to 6th in her class. After graduating last month, Suastini has already secured a job in a small company, working as their administrator/customer relations.


Ema’s mother and father are both blind. They work as masseuses, earning around 100 USD per month. It’s not enough to support Ema and her sister. Ema would have dropped out of school, but her sponsorship by Miho meant she could stay in school. Once sponsored, Ema’s grades went up and she redoubled her efforts. Now graduated, a kind donor has helped Ema to continue studying. She is now enrolled in university, majoring in Sociology. She has a bright future.


Sintiyani’s mother left when her little brother was born with cerebral palsy. Her father also then left, leaving Sintiyani and her brother to be cared for by their widowed grandmother. Sintiyani knows it will be up to her to look after her grandma and brother in the future. Thanks to her sponsorship from Tanya and Daniel, she has graduated and even has a part time co-ordinator job with Bali Children’s Project. She uses her pay to pay medical bills and food for the family. Thanks to her sponsor, she is also enrolled in Business Economy Management at university.

Become a Sponsor

If you’d like to change a child’s life through sponsorhip, please visit our Sponsorship Waiting List