Three Students Sponsored in May

Bali Children’s Project is grateful to our latest sponsors in May of Darina, Maya & Kevin and Chantal.

Thanks to their support, Mira, Jesya and Ara (all girls) now have school futures ahead of them. It’s a far cry from their alternative if they had not been sponsored. All three of these girls would have dropped out of school – and most likely faced a life of basic labor work.

In Bali, high school costs money. Families who can’t afford the costs either get in debt, take loans they can’t afford to pay back or simply have their children drop out of school. Ultimately, many children find themselves in this position, through no fault of their own.

We update our sponsorship waiting list regularly. If you’d like to read about students currently needing help to stay in school, visit this page.

Sponsor a Student for School

One in five students will never graduate from high school. You can help them to stay in school and escape the cycle of poverty forever.