8th August 2017.

We opened the Tim Grittani Preschool and Kindergarten last week to a renewed community and double the amount of children, all with thanks to Timothy Sykes.

It’s finally complete! The Tim Grittani Preschool and Kindergarten opened just in time for the new school year. The difference between the old school, which can at best be described as a storage room, is incredible.

This school serves the Batu Gambir community in the mountains of Bali, and a very poor area.

The number of children at the school even jumped from 20 to 42 immediately! We even had to buy more tables and chairs to accommodate the influx of children from the area.

Now, children from this poor area of Bali truly have a school that they can learn in. It’s all thanks to the extreme generosity of Timothy Sykes, whose donations funded this completely new building.

Watch the video below…