31st October 2016.

Breaking news. A large grant from the Timothy Sykes Foundation is set to completely renovate numerous preschools and kindergartens in Bali.

toysA large grant has been donated to Bali Children’s Project, with the aim of providing improved early stage learning facilities in Bali.

There is a widening gap between the standard of many preschools and kindergartens in Bali.

Many preschools and kindergartens in the villages of Bali struggle to get by. With a lack of materials, teacher training and learning facilities, children from the poorest families and schools2communities are missing out on quality early stage education.

Most of these schools have been set up by the local community to provide early learning for their children. However, learning in crumbling buildings that have little to no school supplies makes their task extremely difficult.

In contrast, there are a host of well run private preschools and kindergartens, most of which are beyond the geographical and financial justionmeans of children from poor families.

Bali Children’s Project will be taking steps to help bridge this gap. Through the generous support of the Timothy Sykes Foundation, many existing community schools will be given complete makeovers.

“These funds mean that we can give support to schools that really need it. We can renovate the classroom, provide great new learning equipment and help to implement a more schools3formal curriculum” Bali Children’s Project’s Schools Support Manager explained.

“We have already been able to renovate the first school and it has made an incredible difference” Ayu continued. “The community got behind the project and the school has now become a great community resource”.

“Before, attendance was around 10-15 children at any one day. Now, there is already a waiting list of 30 children fro next year.”

Timothy Sykes personally visited Bali Children’s Project earlier in 2016. Seeing first hand the difference a new school can make, Tim vowed to help Bali’s schools further.

The funds will also enable Bali Children’s Project to launch a new program in providing community libraries. to encourage reading.

There is a great need for providing increased accessibility to early stage learning in Bali. The funding from the Timothy Sykes Foundation will provide the facilities to cumulatively educate 1,000’s of children over the coming years.

The condition of preschool and Kindergartens in Bali.

See our video of the first renovation: