9th October 2015.

One recent visit to a new family shocked us – two parents and their two daughters Citra and Mira and toddler were living in a dirty basement room, with no ventilation or facilities. We are urgently seeking a sponsor to help them move into better accommodation.

Do you remember the great news that we had sponsored Citra and Mira for school last month? We were so pleased to have been able to sponsor the children, whose parents made so little, they couldn’t afford to buy the girls shoes.

P1010868 ROOM

Our first step was to sponsor the girls for school. Their mother had prioritised their education above all else, borrowing from friends and taking loans just to pay for uniforms and shoes.

We were delighted to find sponsors in sisters Danielle and Tiarna, which has eased the pressure on school costs.

Urgent Help Needed

Although our primary objectives are to enable access to education through sponsorships for school, this family need so much more.

Their mother and father, who are both basic labourers, live under the poverty line and can barely afford the $15 a month rent for their basement room. Even with school sponsorship, the family faces eviction and uncertainty.

The family live in a basement style bedsit room with no windows. Their only private area is confined to a small room of 4×3 meters. There isn’t even a cupboard to put clothes. The housing is dirty, with no ventilation at all and evidence of rats.

The condition of their housing is so bad that 10 year old Mira has started developing breathing difficulties. We are now appealing for a kind person to help sponsor basic accommodation that will be a world of improvement from their current housing.

We can’t let the girls continue to live in such awful conditions.

It may not sound like much, but the family finances can’t even run to $15 a month for accommodation. What is even more shocking is that they can move to a far better place for just $50 USD a month (670,000 IDR) or $525 USD (7,000,000 IDR) annually.

We have the power to change that. If you can commit to helping this family by either donating $50 USD a month or a yearly rental/donation of $525 USD, please go directly to our donate page or get in touch.

Upon donation, we will inform the family immediately and assist in moving them to a new, better place to live. We will also be able to send receipts, pictures and information about the impact of the new home.

There are not many available places in the area and the family are really eager to stay near to their parent’s work and the children’s school.

Thank you for helping us make Bali a better place for those less fortunate.

*If you would like to donate more for housing the girls and their parents, we can source even better accommodation with more space and privacy. Please remember to mark you donation ‘FOR HOUSING FOR CITRA AND MIRA’.