27th January 2017.

An exciting opportunity has come up for an inspirational and dedicated Children’s Library Program Manager in Bali, Indonesia. *Indonesian candidates only.


Bali Children’s Project is seeking a Balinese or Indonesian person who has the passion to develop libraries for all ages. You will run a new program of managing, creating and supporting libraries in Bali. The role requires the person to work closely with local Balinese villages and schools, developing processes to create efficient libraries.

You will be asked to develop a full plan for equipping and maintaining multiple libraries, through enabling communities and schools to sustain them on a day to day basis. You will supervise these libraries.



1. Communicates and assists communities to maintain the library books in order according to the color-coded system.
2. Create inventive and engaging timetables and lesson plans for supported libraries.
3. Train local teachers and communities in how to run the libraries on a day to day basis.
4. Undertake regular visits to assess the status and effectiveness of supported libraries.
5. Review, assess and maintain the books by repairing them when they get damaged.
6. Assess any new books (donations, purchases) as to whether they are appropriate for each library.
7. Add books, create inventory, labels and sections for the collections based on the BCP system.
8. Performs a periodic inventory (stocktake) of the collection to ensure that the collection is not being damaged/lost.
9. Will help patrons take care of the library by encouraging them to return books to the proper place, keep the books clean and in good repair, and tidy up after themselves.
10. Maintains the library books in order according to the color-coded system created for the BCP library.
11. Identify and negotiate agreements for new libraries, managing the creation, training and development of those libraries.
12. Delivery of regular summary reports for status and development of all libraries.


1. College or university degree education in a relevant discipline (i.e. social development, teaching, etc.).
2. Excellent communication skills Indonesian and Balinese.
3. Good communication skills in English.
4. Experience in working with students and teachers in an educational setting.
5. Experience in library management/assistance or a relevant similar area.
6. Ability to negotiate agreements and work closely with Balinese communities.
7. Excellent organizational, timekeeping and independent working skills.
8. Ability to compile procedures and reports to a high standard.
9. Strong interpersonal skills and willingness to travel regularly to support libraries.
10. Ability to work with and develop communities with supported libraries.
11. Belief in BCP’s work to change lives by providing education to children.
12. Belief in the encouragement of reading and writing as a key area of development for Indonesian students of all ages.

More Info and How to Apply

Please send your CV along with a letter that explains why you are interested in the this position to; info@balichildrensproject.org.

Interviews will be held in Ubud, Bali and will be scheduled throughout February.

Part Time – 20 hours hour per week / potential for full time depending on performance.

Salary is dependent on experience and qualifications.