We were invited by our friends at Bali Buda Cafe & Health Food Shops to provide our flagship sex education workshops to their staff.

Led by our wonderful program manager, Opi, the aims of the workshop are to help people understand safe sexual practices.


Opi and our team presented an alternative version of the workshops that we provide in every regency in Bali.10985909_895868270457063_3186320134340613706_n It was a fantastic afternoon of fun, engaging and innovative information being shared between all involved.

It is our hope that by passing this information to adults, it can cascade down to their children and wider families. It’s a great way of increasing the impact of our work.
Being knowledgeable in the taboo area of sexual health means people can make more informed decisions and choices in life.

11150888_895868103790413_8860389597160361669_nWe had a fantastic day and were thanked by the staff, who were all eager to get involved from the very start.

The new workshop ‘for business’ is also a potential launch pad for us to be able to expand our program to other businesses in Bali. If successful, it opens up a whole new angle on how we can help educate people on sexual health.

You can read more about our program here