24th April 2018.

Our thanks to Indonesian donor Yenny, whose recent donation of mattresses and clothing spread joy all to children living in poverty all around Bali.

Ayu Danita showing off her new clothes thanks to Yenny

Yenny’s Wishlist Donation

Yenny, who already sponsors a child through our sponsorship program, made the generous donation after seeing needs on our Children’s Wishlist.

With Yenny’s donation, we were able to buy a huge amount of clothes for children who need them most. There was a bigger surprise for five lucky families, who each received a brand new mattress.

Made Sujana in the family bedroom

Dreams come True

For children from the poorest families, new  clothes are a luxury, with many getting clothing from second hand sales. Mattresses too are far beyond the reach of many families, meaning children and parents often sleep on the floor.

These donations make a big difference. They give families a pleasant surprise and put a smile on children’s faces, making their tough lives more comfortable.

Made Sujana with his brand new mattress

Most of all, it is the boost in spirit that comes from acts of kindness to those who are less fortunate.

Quality of Life

12 Year old Made Sujana was one of the children to receive a new mattress. Before, his family all slept in the same room, with a thin matt as a bed. The family struggle with disabilities and having a comfortable mattress  to sleep on was beyond their wildest dreams.

Adnyani and her father, both overjoyed

Adnyani, a 15 year old, lives with her father after their mother left when she was still a baby. He struggles to get by and gave the biggest smile of all when he saw Adynani and her twin sister were given brand new clothes.

Kindness From Yenny

Not only did Yenny donate the funds to be able to buy the clothes and mattresses, Yenny often makes trips to Bali, delivering further donations for children in need.

Diah Lestari and her mother celebrating the new mattress

To Yenny and all wishlist donors, we thank you for your kindness.

Support Quality of Life in Bali

If you are interested in supporting children through Quality of Life or Wishlist donations, visit our donate page and select the options in the donation designation.

Once you have donated, we will get in touch and send photos of exactly how your donation has helped.