YogiLab Donates 160 Mattresses

Children in Bali watched in awe as our team delivered new mattresses, all thanks to funds raised by YogiLab. They just couldn’t believe their eyes.

In an incredible appeal, YogiLab fundraised and 20,000 USD to fund 160 mattresses for families in need in Bali.

Many children in Bali have inadequate bedding. They often sleep on the floor, with only think sheets or blankets as a mattress.

Getting a comfotable nights sleep isn’t just a basic comfort that all children deserve, it can impact their education too. Giving mattresses means that they can go to school refreshed and ready to learn.

To families who live in poverty, a comfortable mattress in normally just a pipe dream. And in the pandemic, finding food and work takes the priority, leaving nothing left to buy such luxuries as a mattress.

The fundraiser involved long term supporters YogiLab drawing on their network of like-minded businesses and customers. Having seen how many families and children sleep, they reached out and asked to fund mattresses for children.

An extension of our Quality of Life program, mattresses are part of our goal to give children a comfortable home life so that they are better equipped to escape poverty.Below is just a small selection of some of our favorite photos upon delivering the mattresses.

Give a Quality of Life Donation

Our Quality of Life fund is dedicated to providing essentials such as comfortable bedding, equipment to study at home and bicycles to get to school.