9th February 2016.

When supporters Yulia and Dennis came to meet sponsored Muhammed, they had a special gift for his sister Lina too.

Muhammed and his sister had been on our Sponsorship Waiting List for quite a while. We were delighted to tell Muhammed he had been sponsored last year by Yulia and Dennis.

Drinks at their fathers barber shopWhen Yulia and Dennis came to Bali, naturally they wanted to meet Muhammed and see what a difference they were making to his life.
Muhammed outside the bedsitMuhammed is a bright and dedicated young man in grade 10 who was in danger of dropping out. The family just couldn’t afford the school fees.

Sister Marlina had continued to wait for a sponsor, but nothing had come through.

Yulia and Dennis: Going North

Yulia and Dennis travelled up with us to visit Muhammed in Singaraja – one of the most northerly points in Bali. After meeting Muhammed, they saw for themselves the difficulties and struggles of families in Bali.

Thanks to their sponsorship,  Muhammed had stayed in school and has been doing excellent. But his sister Lina’s hopes of staying in school hinged on finding a sponsor still.

Their father runs his own small barber shop, with income unsteady and low even on the best of days. Although the family doesn’t have much, Sa'ari (father), Dennis, Muhammed, Lina, Yulia and Yeni (Mother)they welcomed us with coffee and snacks.

Dreams of the future

It was fantastic to have Yulia and Dennis see first hand how they are helping. Both Muhammed and Lina were given a huge boost of encouragement.

Both siblings are very smart and dream of finishing school and going to university.

Better news was to follow for the family. Upon their return, the first thing Yulia and Dennis did upon their return was to set up sponsorship for Lina.

We always encourage visits from sponsors that really do inspire children to reach for their goals.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child please see our Sponsorship Waiting List, or get in touch.