Despite the difficult times, Bali Children’s Project is so grateful to have received 14 new sponsorships in May.

It means that 14 children now have a brighter future to look forward too.

With almost every area of Bali affected by the pandemic, families are finding it even harder to find work. For families that were already living in poverty, it’s lowered their income further.

While our COVID19 Food Relief Appeal has focused on given families short term respite, the long term ramifications are long lasting. With even less income, but school costs remaining the same, sponsorships are more crucial than ever.

It’s a huge intervention as it helps children to stay in school, changing their future prospects completely. A future of basic labor is replaced by one of many possibilities.

Our thanks to Angell, Mita, Vani, Corina, Bianca, Rhianna, Bruce, Barry, Sufyan, Brad, Levia and The Felstead Family for becoming sponsors in May.

You can see the Sponsorship Waiting List here.

You can become a sponsor and help change the course of a child’s life in Bali.

Sponsorships cover all associated costs for school and help children who would normally drop out to stay in school and graduate.