20 Students Sponsored in August

Thanks to new sponsors in August, 20 students now have their school futures secured.

Coming straight after we saw 81 sponsored students graduate from school, we’re reminded of how much of a difference sponsorships can make to student’s lives.

In Bali, school costs money and children from poorer families end up getting in huge debt or dropping out of school altogether.

New Year, New Futures

With the pandemic still wreaking havoc on Bali’s economy, families have had little to be happy about, with even more risk of their children dropping out as pressure to have them earn income through day labor increases.

But for these 20 students, that will not be the case. They are now guaranteed a route through school and will be able to reach for the dreams.

We are so grateful to Augusts new sponsors who are changing their lives. We thank August sponsors of Bali Nutra, Putu, Mandy & Brett, Tarik & Nick, Aziz & Lucy-Mae, Zsolt, Monika & Zion, Barry, Bianca, Hannah, Judy and Peter, Bianca, Craig & Hugo, Tatjana and Shannon.

If you’d like to become a sponsor, you can find out more here or see our Sponsorship Waiting List here.

Sponsor a Child for School

School sponsorships cost 40 USD per month and enable children to stay in school and graduate.