7th July 2015.

Sinta and her family have been living in abject poverty…but thanks to a new sponsorship, Sinta now has a secure future at school.

School costs in Bali often mean that children have no choice but to drop out of school. When parents cannot afford fees, it is the children that suffer. Often, children are pulled out of school and work to help with the families costs. And the cycle of poverty continues.

This was the case for 7 year old Sinta. Her parents both work as farmers whenever they can get the work. They could not even afford a roof over their heads, let alone school costs.

Although her parents have been able to keep her in school up until now, as she grows older and fees rise, Sinta was worried her family would not be able to afford to keep her in school.

We had great news for Sinta though…before we even had chance to publish her story, a sponsor came through! Karin has kindly provided sponsorship for Sinta, meaning she will be able to gain a full education.

A full education is something many of us take for granted, but for the poorest families in Bali it is often just a dream. Providing an education opens up new opportunities for the future and helps children escape the cycle of poverty. We are so pleased this has happened for Sinta.

Our thanks goes to Sinta’s sponsor Karin, who will be changing her life. Karin is even planning a trip to visit Sinta in person!

We have a long waiting list of children like Sinta who are desperate for sponsorship. To find out more about sponsorship or see our waiting list, visit our sponsorship page here or get in touch.

Here is Sinta’s letter to her sponsor, which we have since found in Karin.

IMG_7787Hello my name is Ni Wayan Sinta Purnama sari, I am 7 years old, I live in Payangan with my parents, I come from poor family, even I have a uncle that is enough for the financial but they don’t care about my family because we really poor family, my father job is a farmer and my mother job is a farmer too, they don’t have a regular income so that why I afraid with my education and my future, I have a house but that is not original our house, my uncle has it then he give us to stay there during I cannot built a house, my parents cannot built a house yet because they don’t have a good income, I am is the only one kid that they have, my hobbies are dancing and reading book, my goal is to be a doctor,

I love to study and I really enjoy my school with my friend, I love English lesson and religion lesson, after school time I help my mother at home like sweep the yard and wash the kitchen things such as Glass, plate and etc, I am afraid I cannot go to school because of my parents cannot cost my school payment later. I hope with this my little story about me can tell you a lot and can imagine how my economy looks like.

I don’t have a toilet, and I don’t need to go to the river to do activities, I just borrow the toilet at my uncle’s toilet he let us use his toilet together.