Popular online comedian and Bali Children’s Project supporter Adam Waheed has come to the rescue for students in Bali who have been affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.

Coronavirus seems to have impacted every single corner of the world. And the same is true for children in Bali. As people around the world come to terms with new circumstances, it has resulted in a rise in sponsorship cancellations.

Bali Children’s Projects runs a School Sponsorships program for children from poor families, helping them to pay their school fees so they will not drop out of school.

The cancelled sponsorships represent a problem for students. Without the funds to make it through school, these children are likely to drop out – official figures show that 1 in 5 students will not graduate high school in Bali.

Although school is temporarilty closed in Bali, costs and fees have stayed the same.

Rescued Sponsorships

Following the sponsorship cancellations that have resulted from Coronavirus, Bali Children’s Project have been appealing for support to responsor the children whose funds have been cancelled.

Adam first visited Bali Children’s Project in February to open the Adam Waheed School alongside our supporters Karmagawa. He was struck by the impact of our work and has came to the rescue again by sponsoring four students for school.

“I read the stories of these kids who through no fault of their own had their school costs cut. Immediately I decided that this is not right and they shouldn’t have to fail this way, so that’s why I donated to support these four kids”

“You don’t have to be rich to donate, even a little can go a long way. Anything helps. Join me in helping support kids through school in Bali.”

Help Needed

Along with cancellations, new sponsorships have also slowed down, resulting in less children being sponsored for school.

“We’ve a large waiting list at the moment” Anastasia Rahayu (Bali Children’s Project’s Sponsorship Manager).

“There have been a lot of cancellations and a lot of new students coming on our radar too.”

“We want to thank all sponsors who are kindly continuing their sponsorships as well as new sponsors like Adam who are helping us give a future to children who would otherwise have limited opportunities in life.”

You can find out more about sponsorships here or see the children who need sponsoring on our Sponsorship Waiting List

You can help change a child’s life by giving them an education

Your sponsorship stops children from dropping out of school and gives them a gauranteed educational future so that they can graduate and achieve their dreams.