Backpack Appeal Success in Bali

After a successful appeal, 137 fully supplied school entry backpacks are on their way to children in need throughout Bali.

For our Holiday appeal in December, we asked supporters to help us to raise funds to purchase school supply backpacks for children.

Elementary school in Indonesia is free, however families are expected to pay for uniforms, shoes, study materials and more. For the poorest families, it means children go to elementary school without the necessary supplies.

It has been a difficult time in Indonesia, as with many parts of the world. At Bali Children’s Project, there has been a significant downturn in donations as global inflation takes it’s grip.

But thanks to our kind donors from around the world, these 137 fully supplied backpacks will make a huge difference.

Packed with school shoes, writing materials, uniforms and more, the backpacks are designed to cover all elementary needs, while also inspiring children to study.

In March, all of the backpacks will be delivered, with every single donor receiving a personalized thank you photo from the family you have helped.

It’s not too late to fund a backpack. Even though the appeal is over, children will always need backpacks for school. If you’d like to donate, see our giving page here.

Swandewi’s Story

Fund a Backpack

Backpacks can be donated year round, and donors will receive thank you photos once delivered.