Appeal Impact

After an amazing response to our School Entry Backpack appeal, the Bali Children’s Project team have been busy delivering backpacks kindly donated by supporters.

With over 200 school entry backpacks raised, the appeal is helping hundreds of children to go to elementary school with all the supplies they need.

Sadly for many children, their families struggle with elementary costs. Although school is free, children still ahve to come prepared with their own uniforms and supplies.

It meant that children were going to school in torn clothing, broken rucksacks (or just plastic bags) and shoes with holes in them.

Over 200 Backpacks Raised

The success of the appeal has meant that we can spread joy to needy children in the form of fully supplied backpacks. The packs aren’t just a bag; they include fully supplies for school from shoes to writing materials.

Our fantastic sponsorship team have been busy donating the backpacks, to the disbelief of many children. These students never expect anything as they know their families can’t afford it.

Our thanks to all the kind people who have donated. You have helped to give children a better start to school.

Now, students can go to school happy and ready for a day of learning. They don’t have to suffer the shame or embaressment of not having the right equipment. Although the backpacks provide the bsaics, it’s made an immense difference to children in poverty.

If you donated a backpack, you’ll be getting thank you photos from the children you have helped.

For children in elementary school, backpacks give them all that they need. However, for children in high school, sponsorships are required due to rising costs.

See why School Entry Backpacks matter

You can still donate a  school entry backpack

To donate your backpack, follow the donate link below, input your donation of $100 USD and select ‘school entry backpacks’ under the program designation.

We will let you know which child your backpack is going to and you’ll receive thank you photos from the child or children whom you have helped.