The Bali Children’s Project team is getting ready for a busy week on the front line, distributing much needed Food Relief Packages.

Our ongoing Bali COVID-19 Appeal has been a great success so far, with over 10,000 USD raised to provide Food Relief Packages for Bali’s most needy. It’s meant that we have already raised over 270 food packages.

The packages will be helping families whose lives have become even more difficult during the pandemic.

For families who were already living in poverty, times are even harder now. There is less work and even affording basics has become problematic.

Our appeal is helping these families by giving them food staples to alleviate their burden

Deliveries Start

Our incredible team has been working hard to purchase supplies and split them into packages for families.

Working on the ‘front line’ our team is tasked with delivering the food supplies for over 270 families. We’re hopeful we can reach even more families too, as more kind donors help us to reach more people.

Families are invited to come and collect their Food Relief Packages from our co-ordination areas. Rest assured our team are working with full safety equipment and social distancing measures to minimize their risk.

We are honored to have such an incredible team, who in the middle of a pandemic do nothing but think of those who are worse off.


Bali Children’s Project’s COVID-19 Appeal will make a huge difference to famliies with less. We are only able to help them thanks to support from kind donors. We appreciate it is a difficult time for everybody and offer our sincerest gratitude to all who are helping.

We have been appealing to supporters to help these families by donating $40 USD Food Relief Packages. The packages offer much needed respite for families, giving them staples to help cope.

You can see the appeal here.

Contribute to our COVID-19 Appeal to help Bali’s poverty stricken families cope

We are asking for help from donors to deliver Food Relief Packages to families deeply affected by reduced income in Bali.