Balinese Families Still Struggling for Food

As the pandemic continues, kind supporters have continued to give to people in Bali who have been suffering immensely during the pandemic.

It has helped Bali Children’s Project to raise over 1,250 food staples packages for needy families – but the need still continues.

With the economy in Bali continuing to struggle, those who were living on the poverty line even during normal times are finding life even harder.

There is a lower demand for labour and farming work, while there is a higher competition for jobs.

It’s all meant that families have been struggling to survive.

Sponsored student Kadi and his elderly parents have almost zero income and are on the list of recipients of food packages.

Appeal Success

Throughout the pandemic, Bali Children’s Project has been running a food relief appeal to help these affected families.

The appeal has been asking donors to purchase a $40 USD food package to help give families basic staples for over a month.

So far the appeal has raised an incredible 50,000 USD, which has amounted to 1,256 food packages being delivered.

“We wanted to make sure the food packages were enough to feed an average family in Bali” Anastasia Rahayu, our Sponsorship Manager explained.

The packages include 25kg of rice, noodles, eggs, oil and other non-perishable items.

“Most families live in compounds with many people, so we wanted to give them enough to feed everybody the basic staples.”

Pictured above: Ngurah working with him mother in rice field planting for less than minimum wage

Families in Need

It is a difficult time in Bali and the longer the pandemic goes on, the worse things get.

Former sponsorship graduate Ngurah had been working in the tourism industry. He’s one of the children who had broken out of the cycle of poverty.

However, with the pandemic, he has lost his job and is has to work as a day labourer with his mother – picking and planting rice.

“We’ve seen this in so many families. There’s less job opportunities now and they are struggling to afford the very basics in life” Anastasia continued.

Bali Children’s Project’s appeal is continuing and is still seeking donations to purchase more food packages.

You can visit the appeal page here.

Monthly Need

Each month, to support families in our program with a food package every month, we need to raise a minimum of 100 packages, which equates to $4,000 USD per month.

You can donate a single package or multiple packages by going to our donate page.

More Food Relief Package Deliveries

Purchase a Food Package

See our appeal page to purchase a Food Relief Package. Each donor receives a thank you photo from the family you have helped.