Buda’s Life After Losing his Father

Buda lives and works on a brick making site with his mother. Thankfully, Buda has been sponsored for school by donor Andrea, but times are still tough.

His father passed away a few years ago and so now Buda is the man of the house (Balinese society is patriarchal). When he’s not doing school work he works in the brick making site where he lives. Even though he’s sponsored, he must help bring money in.

Buda’s Burden

Buda has a heavy burden to carry. He’s now the bread winner of the family. He works as hard as he can, but there just aren’t as many orders for bricks since the pandemic.

They were already living on the poverty line before the pandemic, but now things are even more difficult.

His sponsorship means he will graduate from school and have better opportunities in life. It has enabled him to buy a basic smartphone and internet data so he can study at home, as well as covering all of his school fees.

Food Needs

The immediate need for the family is food. Buda and his mother just don’t make enough money for food during the pandemic.  It’s why we have been running our COVID-19 Food Relief Appeal – to help families like Buda’s.

The longer the pandemic goes on, the worse things seem to get. But food packages are helping releive their burden. Buda and his mother are just one family who are on our list for receiving food relief packages.

To donate a food package, head to our appeal page and enter your $40 usd donation.

All donors receive a personalized thank you photo from the family you have helped. A huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far, helping us deliver 1,110 Food Relief Packages to families in our program.

Buda’s Life

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