CHD Supports Bali Children’s Project

Bali Children’s Project is pleased to welcome CHD as our latest Business Charity Partner.

CHD is a close knit group of friends-turned-venture capitalists. They engage in investing, building, marketing, and developing projects on the blockchain.

We are grateful for CHD, who have been an incredible support already, helping give familes food supply packs during the pandemic, as well as supporting School Entry Backpacks – part of our latest appeal for support.

CHD are kindly continuing to use their revenue to support charitable causes and are actively continuing to raise funds to support Bali Children’s Project.

If your school, business or workplace is interested in becoming a Business Charity Partner, find out more here or get in touch.

Become a Business Charity Partner

You can join the growing number of businesses who are giving back to help children escape poverty through education in Bali.