Bali Children’s Project is delighted to announce our latest success in educating over 7,800 students with Child Protection workshops in 2019.

It has been an incredible year for the Child Protection program and we are ending on a huge high.

Child Protection Workshops

Starting with pilot workshops in 2016, Bali Children’s Project had developed Child Protection workshops after identifying a huge need in Bali.

With incredibly low official reports of abuse, but plenty of hearsay and unofficial reports, we knew it was time to do what we could to prevent these cases from happening. To do so, we would be focusing on providing knowledge to students and school teachers through workshops.

The aim was to give the knowledge so that children know what abuse is and how to react to it when they recognise signs.

A taboo subject in Bali, abuse is not really discussed in school, at home or in communities. Adding to the issue, children being abused are always told they cannot report it, or even that it is normal or ‘a secret’.

Child Protection Workshops were started to stop this and empower children into being able to react appropriately.

What Happens in a Workshop?

The workshops are a mix of fun, games, group work, acting and songs. They are aimed at students in elementary school and reinforce the message of ‘run, shout for help, report’ when children feel they are in danger.

Although the workshops are fun for students they have a serious message. Watch the video below for an insight.

Target Smashed

The workshops have been such a success that there is a huge waiting list of elementary schools asking for workshops.

After word got around, principals from schools all over Bali have been requesting workshops. There are so many requests that we just can’t keep up.

Our initial 2019 target was to directly impact 6,100 students. With the influx of additional requests from schools and our team working extra hard, we were able to reach a massive 7,800 students – 28% more than originally planned.

This means that more children in Bali are equipped to identify and react to cases of abuse.

Future Plans

Our next evolution of the program carries on in 2020. Launching a brand new Indonesian language cartoon, the free new video will be available not just to schools in Bali, but the whole of Indonesia.

Further work includes creating a network of supportive schools who work with local health authorities to help children report and seek safety.

In 2020 we’ll be continuing our Child Protection Workshops and aim to reach another 7,800 students.

Support Needed

2019 has been the biggest year yet for Child Protection Workshops. It was kindly supported by the Mel Wolf Foundation, whose support from the start had enabled this program to continue.

In 2020 we are hoping to reach even more schools, but can only do so with support from donors. If you are interested in supporting this program, please get in touch.

Help Bali Children’s Project reach even more children in 2020

If you have an interest in supporting our work, please get in touch. The Child Protection program relies solely on donations to support continue helping children.