26th August 2015.

We have updated our ‘waiting list’ of children seeking sponsorship. Here are our the latest children in need of school support. Can you help them?

It’s a sad fact that without sponsorship, many children will drop out of school early. Due to families not being able to afford school costs, many children leave school without a full education.

We believe all children should have the opportunity to gain a standard education.

An education is the best gift you can possibly give a child. It gives them a future that never would have been possible without education.

As a non-profit, we rely solely on the generosity of supporters to continue sponsoring children. We ask for a donation of $40 a month that enables us to give the child all they need to access school.

This cost covers uniforms, fees, extra curricular activities and other related school costs that families too often can not afford.

Our current ‘Child of the Month’ is Meta.  She has been waiting for a sponsor since we published her plea in July. But there are many more on the list.

A small amount can really mean the world of difference. Please get in touch if you can become a sponsor. You can also sponsor directly by going to our donate page, mentioning <NAME OF CHILD> in the ‘I want my donation to be dedicated’ section.

For more information about sponsorships visit our sponsorships page.

Our latest children requiring sponsorship are featured below – or you can see the direct album on Facebook here.