4th January 2016.

Great news from Bali! We’ve sponsored seven more children through school in December. It’s a great end to a great year.

With seven new sponsors, we have been able to change the lives of seven more children.

The immediate impact of the sponsorships ease pressure to keep up with school costs, making life just a little more managable. But it’s the long term benefits that really make the difference.

The school sponsorship means each of these children will stay in school and complete basic secondary/high school education.

Children from our sponsorship waiting list are chosen based on their circumstances. They are the children who are most likely to drop out of school due to the costs involved. Staying in school means that the children will have a better chance of getting a job, achieving their dreams and breaking the cycle of poverty.

Over the last 4 months, we’ve managed to sponsor a total of 51 children.

We thank all of our sponsors and continuing sponsors who are kindly putting children through school. Each time a child is sponsored, they are informed by our Area Co-Ordinator staff, who also look after their schools costs and ensure they can complete their education.

A huge thank you to new sponsors of Mark, Magda, Liz, Suzanne, James, Pam and Jenny.

 If you are thinking of becoming a sponsor please see our page on sponsorship or our Sponsorship Waiting List. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

You can see all of the children sponsored this month below and find our more about each of their stories by clicking the image.

dewa ayu

I komang Gede


Kadek Wahuningsih






Vasudewa Natha





yudi astini