An appeal recently launched by Bali Children’s Project has so far raised 10,854 USD for Food Relief Packages in Bali.

Having seen tourism ground to a halt and a slowdown in the economy, many families who were already living on the brink are finding life even more difficult. Even basic labor work is harder to come by, with a lower demand and an increase in people looking for work.

Donors to the Rescue

Bali Children’s Project launched an appeal in early May to help poverty stricken families cope with the effects of COVID-19 and instantly received a wonderful response.

Now (15th May 2020), the appeal has been able to raise 270 Food Relief Packages from an incredible 54 donors. Deliveries of the packages, which include full complement of essential stables, start this week.

Every donor to the appeal will receive a personalised thank you from the family that has been helped.

The appeal isn’t over yet – the more funding we can raise, the more families we can help. You can see the appeal page here.

Family Impact

For families in poverty, this has very profound effects.

Arila’s parents are badly affected by the pandemic. Her father’s taxi was being taken back by the company during the pandemic. Her mother also lost her job.

It’s left her family no choice but to head back to their hometown in Buleleng temporarily until they can secure jobs once more. Life is a struggle right now, as the family also have medical bills.

With next to no income, our Food Relief Package will give them a glimmer of hope, helping to alleviate their burden.

Contribute to our COVID-19 Appeal to help Bali’s poverty stricken families cope


We are asking for help from donors to deliver Food Relief Packages to families deeply affected by reduced income in Bali.