COVID Food Relief Packages Brighten Dark Times

Donors all over the world have continued to help Balinese families during their time of need, as the pandemic continues to destroy livelihoods.

Bali Children’s Projects works with Balinese families, helping them escape the cycle of poverty through education. Even under pre-pandemic circumstances, these families often struggled with daily life – let alone other costs such as paying school fees.

Currently, we hope to raise a minimum of 100 food relief packages each month. We are appealing to supporters to continue helping by purchasing the $40 USD relief packages.

Pandemic Progresses

As the pandemic has progressed, each month has become harder than the last. For families who were already living in poverty, it is some of the most difficult times they’ve ever had to endure.

It is to the point where many families cannot afford basic staples such as rice.

Since the start of the pandemic, Bali Children’s Project has been appealing for help to provide monthly food staples to families.

Thankfully, donors have always been there for our families. Since launching, the appeal has already raised 1,428 food packages.

Wahyuni’s Story

Wahyuni is just one example of many families in need.

After her mother passed away giving birth to her little brother, their single father has raised them.

Wahyuni’s father earns $70 USD per month (if it is a good month) as a rice field labourer. But work has been more difficult to find during the pandemic.

Her older sister Maeni graduated thanks to a scholarship and had found a job in a restaurant. Maeni had planned to help the family with food, paying off debt and schools fees for her little sister.

But she lost her job and now the family are struggling even to pay for food, let alone their other needs.

Wahyuni has thankfully now got a sponsor for school, but the family is in dire need of food packages too.

How to Help

Donors are invited to give a food package through the COVID Food Relief Appeal page.

A $40 package includes 25kg of rice, 40 packets of noodles, a tray of eggs, cooking oil and more.

Each donor is sent a personalized thank you photo upon delivery, from the family that has been supported.

You can see the appeal here.

Photos from our latest round of COVID Food Relief Package deliveries

Support a a Family with a Relief Package

One food package lasts a family of 5 over a month, giving them essential staples to ease their burden.