For those of you who have seen our brochure, you may have been intrigued as to the story of young Dinda.
Dinda is our brochure cover girl, picked because she encompasses everything that BCP stands for.

We heard about Dinda after a village leader told our staff of a 6 year old girl desperate for access to school in 2013. Dinda and her family were so poor, they couldn’t afford to give her any shoes.

DIDNA W SHORTSSo the first thing we did was make sure she got shoes. But she still needed a sponsor. She had to wait a year, but finally, we helped Dinda get a sponsor.

Since then, Dinda’s life has been getting better and better. We went to visit Dinda in February to check up on her and were so pleased with what we saw.

Dinda’s schooling has been paid for by our sponsorship program and she is getting on so well at school. We have helped her and her family by giving them clothes.

We decided to feature Dinda as our brochure cover girl as her story is a great example of how our intervention can completely change the course of a child’s life.
IMG_0223Now Dinda has an education and her whole life ahead of her. We will continue to stick with Dinda and provide the support she needs to succeed in life. Girls like Dinda are the reason we are here.

If you can help support our work, please consider giving a donation to help run our programs, or take a look at our sponsorship page if you can sponsor a child like Dinda.