Bali Children’s Project are proud to be sponsoring a further eight new students, thanks to new sponsorships in October.

Our thanks to new sponsors in October of Amanda, Vicki & Luke, Tamika, Alexandra, Karen, Yosef & Novi, Larissa and Yvonne.

While schools are at limited capacity and focused on distance-learning, students are still enrolled and fees are still required (as well as additional online learning costs such as phone credit).

To make matters worse, Bali has seen a huge economic slump, meaning there is less work available for everyone. Families are in even worse positions financially, meaning children are at higher risk of dropping out.

Meanwhile, Bali Children’s Project continues to support hundreds of students through school with sponsorships, while also helping families whether the coronavirus outbreak through the Food Relief Appeal.

If you would like to sponsor a student for school, you can see the Sponsorship Waiting List here.

You can become a sponsor and help change the course of a child’s life in Bali.

Sponsorships cover all associated costs for school and help children who would normally drop out to stay in school and graduate.