Hot off the renovation of a brand new kindergarten in central Bali, supporters EnviTours have generously donated Food Relief Packages to 35 families in the village.

Ayu Trisna, Schools Support Manager was there to deliver the supplies.

“The people were so happy to receive the food packages. You can see how much it means to them. It has not been a good time for Bali, but this helps them to relieve the burden.”

Hard Times in Bali

With no tourism and increased numbers of people looking for work, jobs are few and far between.

It’s meant that even construction and labor workers have experienced a slow down as there is a lower demand.

In response, Bali Children’s Project has been running a COVID-19 Food Relief Appeal, which provides families with all the staples they need for over a month.

Feeding a Village

The village leader helped to identify families that were in most need of Food Relief Packages, with School Support Manager Ayu Trisna organizing deliveries.

The families all have children, with 17 of the 35 food packages going to families of children enrolled in the EnviTours School of Early Education.

Observing strict hygiene and social distancing, Ayu Trisna arranged for families to come and collect their Food Packages.

Sam Jordan, EnviTours CEO said they were happy to help.

“Although travel has taken a hit and that’s affected business, it’s important to remember those whose livelihoods depend on the economy in Bali to feed their families.”

“We’re proud to partner with Bali Children’s Project and happy to be in a position where we can continue to be a part of the community

Ayu Trisna reported that upon receiving the donations, many of the parents were brought to tears by the generosity shown by EnviTours.

“Life is not easy lately for many people in Bali. But this was a great day because they have their burden reduced.”

If you’d like to donate Food Relief Packages, you can see our appeal page here.

Bali Children’s Project’s COVID-19 Food Relief Appeal is still accepting support. You can donate by clicking the link below

We’re asking donors to help by giving $40 donations to buy Food Relief Packages to provide families in need with non-perishable food items for over a month.