5th February 2016.

Fitriani was in a terrible situation when we met her. Her father had died and her living conditions were deteriorating. Thankfully things have changed.

Fitriani’s troubles started a couple of years ago when her father passed away. Things became difficult for the family, so her loving mother asked her aunt if she could live with her.

Fitir desperately need a sponsor 16 year old Fitriani was attending a great school and was number one in her class.

Fitri so happy to find a place to stay Fitriani welcomes usBut with little money and three children of her own, Her aunt couldn’t afford school fees, and neither could her mother. Thankfully, we found a sponsor in Michelle who eased the pressure. It meant that Fitri could continue school and graduate in just over a years time.

Housing Needs

Problems started again though, as Fitraini’s aunt could no longer care for her. Fitriani was confronted with a choice; move back to her mothers and drop out from school, or somehow find somewhere to live nearby.

After telling our wonderful local co-ordinator Kartini about her dilemma, we called on supporters to help. And help they did.

An Incredible Response for Fitriani

The kind people at BauXo donated proceeds their Black Friday takings. They specifically wanted to help us with special circumstances of sponsored children. Their donation meant we could immediately move Fitriani to a new ‘kost’ (standard bedsit), close by to school.

And thanks to generous donations from supporters Gary and Marianne, we were able to buy Fitriani some home essentials – a mattress, basic cooking utensils, a fan and a storage unit.

Julie’s recent wishlist donation also helped as we gifted Fitriani a brand new high quality bag. We thank sponsor Michelle for also keeping her in schoool.

It’s another great example of how supporters from all over the world are helping change lives. Who knows what would have happened to Fitriani without such a marvellous response?

Now she has a secure place to live and is staying in school. We couldn’t be happier.

Bali Children’s Project run an ’emergency fund’ that is set aside to provide a quick response to children who are in desperate situations.  If you are interested in helping support this fund, please go to our donate page and mark your donation ‘for emergency fund’.