We have fantastic news for Kadek Fitri – she has been sponsored for her final years of school, by kind donor Michelle.

Kadek Fitri is a 16-year old girl in 10th grade. She has had an extremely tough life, and we’d hoped to change her fortunes with a sponsorship for school.

Kadek Fitri’s father passed away and does not see her mother often. She has moved in with her Aunt and goes to school in Badung.

We thank Michelle and all sponsors that enable us to send children to school who would otherwise miss out.

If you can sponsor a child in need, see our sponsorship page, which includes our regularly updates sponsorship album. $40 a month can make a lifetime of difference.

Here is a letter written by Kadek (translated by the BCP team) asking for her sponsor. Her dreams have now come true, thankfully!

Ni Kadek Ayu FitrianiHello my name is Ni Kadek Ayu Fitriani, I’m 16 years old, and just finishing 10th grade. My nickname is Kadek Fitri.

I am from Jembrana Regency. I have one older sister and live with my aunt because my father had passed away. Before that my father was a farmer.

Although my original address is from Jembrana Regency where my mother, my sister and my grandfather stay, I am living with my aunt at Badung Regency because of school. I needed to move and leave my mother so I stay at my aunt’s so that I get closer from my school.
My father had passed away when I was in junior high school. We have 3 bedrooms and I sleep alone by myself. The situation at our house is simple. There is no toilet at my house so I need to go to the river to do activities, like take a bath, wash the clothes and other things.
I don’t have enough supplies for school and I go to school sometimes without allowance. Sometimes I have a good food and sometimes not. My mother has a disease and my father too but my father already had passed away.
I also work to help my school allowance. I work to make a traditional offering. My activities after school time is working, cooking, take care my aunt’s baby and cleaning her house. My favorite subjects are Productive and Math. I want to study higher and need sponsor also. My goal is to be a presenter on television, so that I can help my sister for the future. Thank you so much if you can help me and support my education.
Ni Kadek Ayu Fitriani