18th September 2015.

We were overwhelmed this week when a tour group with a difference came to visit Bali Children’s Project with a special surprise.

When Go Eat Give got in touch with us we were amazed at their selflessness. Unlike normal tour providers, Go Eat Give operate by giving something back to the communities their tour groups visit.

P1020620In Bali, we are honored to be the chosen charity of Go Eat Give Led by the lovely Sucheta, the group from all over the USA took time out of their yoga holiday to volunteer with Bali Children’s Project.

The group had been planning the trip for months and had even created their own fundraising program in the USA before coming to Bali.

Starting at a local high school, the group were given a chance to lead lessons in Arts & Crafts, English Language and Yoga. It was a great morning where grades 4, 5 and 6 all got the chance to experience the one-off lessons. The school was delighted to broaden their teaching as well as learn about teaching new methods.

P1020659After lunch (which included a presentation), the Go Eat Give group came along to our preschool and helped us undertake our daily extra curricular education sessions.

The highlight of the day for many was the trip to a local family with a special surprise – a new mattress, hand delivered to Putu and his family. Putu is sponsored for school by Bali Children’s Project, with additional comforts like mattresses being luxuries the family cannot afford.

Sadly, most children we sponsor do not even have a comfortable bed to sleep in – but that will soon change!

So when Go Eat Give asked us what we would like to spend a donation on, of course mattresses were at the top of our list. Thanks to the fundraising efforts of Go Eat Give we are now able to buy 10 mattresses, all to be donated to needy families of the children we sponsor.

P1020769It’s an exciting start to an area we are really hoping to grow in the future – supporting children’s home lives as well as educational lives. Stay tuned for our upcoming mattress appeal.

The day ended with a final presentation by Bali Children’s Project at our Visitor Centre and even a couple of sales of Eny’s amazing mozaic plates.

The group went away having made a huge difference to the lives of many of the children we support.

We are so pleased to have been chosen as the Go Eat Give charity here in Bali and thank them for their generous support.

If you are interested in organising a visit to Bali Children’s Project, please get in touch.