19th December 2015.

More joy was spread two the children we sponsor in Bali recently as supporter Judy dropped by with some special gifts.

ena2Instead of hitting the beaches and restaurants of Bali, Judy, who was only stopping in Bali one night, used her time to deliver dozens of present packages to our Visitor Centre in Ubud.

Judy, from Toronto, had pre packed a huge amount of ‘hygiene gift packs’, creating the packs from hundreds of travel size soaps, shampoos and more.

She got in touch having seeing our Children’s Wishlist and researching about our work.

Judy met with Ketut, our Sponsorship Manager in our Visitor Centre, who gave her a huge thank you on behalf of the children that we support.

Unfortunately, her schedule meant she couldn’t join us in distributing the presents, but Ketut and our Area Co-ordinators got straight into delivering the presents to children.

To some, basic hygiene products may seem a standard, but for the poorest families in Bali, they simply have other priorities like putting food on the table.

Although Christmas is not celebrated in Bali, the seasonal presents certainly put a huge smile on the faces of the children who received the packs.handayani-hendra-ayu

The gifts mean will help children to stay clean and healthy.

We’ve been appealing for ‘hygiene gift packs’ recently to help promote cleanliness amongst the families we support. In 2016, we’re hoping to get more of these packs, together with information leaflets to help children learn.

As Judy is a flight attendant, she has lots of layovers in hotels as part of her job. But what’s not in the job description is using these layovers to help children in need. It didn’t stop Judy and friends though!airlangga-henalebriana

They got together and after every layover, instead of simply using the travel toiletries that are gifted by hotels, they collected them and packaged them into the special surprise.

We thank Judy and her colleagues for being so thoughtful and welcome any similar support you may be able to give.

You can find out about our 9 ways to help children in Bali this holiday season by clicking here.

Thank you for supporting our work Judy!