2nd December 2015.

Wanting to help children in Bali over this Holiday Season? Here is our list of the 9 best ways you can give to those less fortunate this season.

Please note, if you would like photographs of your donations by 25th December, please donate by 20th December to give our staff time to organise.

 1. Donate a Mattress

Noviana and mattress

Why: Many children from poor families sleep on floors or uncomfortable mattresses.

How: A mattress with pillows and covers costs 1,600,000 IDR. You can donate this by going to our donate page, giving $115 USD and marking your donation ‘TO BUY MATTRESS’

What: You will receive information and photographs of the mattress you have purchased and the family who have received it, with a thank you sign (with your name).

2. Sponsor a Child for School


Why: Children from the poorest families often drop out of school as they can’t afford fees and they are under pressure to find work early.

How: See our Sponsorship Page to find out more, or our Sponsorship Waiting List. You can sponsor by visiting our donate page, selecting $40 USD monthly and the name of the child.

What: You will receive a thank you card and regular updates of how your sponsored child is doing in school.

3. Shop with our Friends


Why: Shop with our friends and know that your purchase helps to unlock donations to support our work.

How: From fashion to clothing, you can buy online or in Bali by seeing our list of friends who donate.

What: Your purchase will help our friends help us. Each of our business partners donate based on sales. That’s a nice extra present on top of your purchase.

4. Donate a Bicycle


Why: Many children have to walk long distances to school and can never afford the luxury of a bicycle.

How: Bring some joy to a child by donating a bike. You can donate by going to our donate page, giving $115 USD and marking your donation ‘TO BUY BICYCLE FOR A BOY/GIRL’

What: You will receive information and photographs of the bicycle you have purchased and the child who has received it, with a thank you sign (with your name).

5. Shop for Presents with Amazon Smile


Why: You can buy all the same things online, for the same price, but releasing a donation for Bali Children’s Project too!

How: Select Bali Children’s Project through Amazon Smile. It’s that simple! Shop through this link.

What: We’ll automatically receive 0.5% of the total cost of the presents you buy. What a great way to shop!

6. Children’s Wishlist Donations


Why: Our Children’s Wishlist is full of items that you can donate to help make life a little easier for children and their families

How: Take a look at our Children’s Wishlist. You can either donate and mark your donations for specific items, bring items from abroad or buy them in Bali.

What: We’ll send you photographs of our team delivering the goods (literally!) to children and families that we support.

7. Give a Holiday Donation


Why: Aside from sponsorship, we run multiple other programs, such as sex education in schools, preschool support and more. Donations help to support our work so we can use the funds where they are needed most,

How: Just visit our donate page and fill in the form – or you are welcome to visit us and give a donation at our visitor center.

What: You’ll receive a thank you from our team, letting you know exactly where we would like to use your donation.

8. Shop/Donate at our Visitor Centre


Why: Come and find out more about our work, meet our staff in our visitor centre, in penestanan, Ubud.

How: If you are in Bali, drop into our visitor centre, where you can give a donation or buy some unique items that will support our work.

What: Whether it’s Eny’s Mozaics, BCP t-shirts, or our unique necklaces, you can go home with something that has helped support children in Bali.

9. Eat at Three Monkey’s Cafe

Three monks

Why: Three Monkeys are donating the proceeds from two of their most popular meals to support our work.

How: Just pop into Three Monkeys and order one of the two meals that are donated to us. You can find out more here.

What: You’ll get a belly full of delicious food, as well as the icing on the cake – knowing the proceeds are going to support our work.