24th July 2015.

We are incredibly proud and honored to have some amazing staff. Meet Sulatri, who is our Data Entry and Sponsorship Administration Officer. She is one of our team of incredible people behind Bali Children’s Project.

Sulatri started helping out with Bali Children’s Project when our Sex Education Workshops visited her school. We appealed to youngsters who were leaving school soon if they would like to assist in future workshops and Sulatri’s hand went straight up.5

Having helped us with facilitating workshops in her local area in Tegallalang, Gianyar, Sulatri showed so much motivation that we asked her to help out with another area of need – administration for our sponsorship program.

It meant that Sulastri had a new job, and could earn money and experience in between going to school. Sulatri – or Tri for short – has just graduated and has her whole future ahead of her.

She now works part time inputting all the data on sponsored children. She keeps clear files and enters all updates (such as funding requests from children) into our database so we can monitor our expenditure.

She is the eldest of four sisters – an all girl, all star family. Sulatri’s parents managed to send her to school, but the IMG_20150719_134208financial burden made it difficult for her other three sisters. Tri is extremely passionate about working and the value of education, so suggested her sisters join Bali Children’s Project’s sponsorship program.

In a short time, we had found sponsors for all three of Tri’s sisters, with supporters Penny sponsoring twins Mariana and Mariani, and Linda sponsoring youngest sister Purnama. It meant that Tri’s sisters would have the same chance she has had…one day graduating from school.

If Tri’s sisters follow in her footsteps, we know they have a bright future ahead of them, just like Tri.20150612_144010_resized