PurnamaWe couldn’t be happier to report that Ketut Purnama, the cheeky and active younger sister of twins Mariana and Mariani has been sponsored for school.

It means that all four sisters in the family have now been sponsored by kind Bali Children’s Project donors! We can’t thank you enough.

After reading a letter written by Purnama’s older sister Mariana, supporter Linda was moved by the families story. We had already gained sponsorship for the twin sisters, but Purnama was left unsponsored.

dapurIt’s so nice to have been able to help this family, who live on very little. Purnama’s oldest sister has already graduated thanks to sponsorship and Ketut is looking to follow in the same footsteps.

Sponsorships are a critical way that we change the lives of young women and boys in Bali. With many families unable to afford full education costs, we regularly see children dropping out of school and never able to realise their dreams. With sponsorship they have the chance to break the cycle of poverty.

We say a huge thank you to sponsor Linda, who generously stepped forward to sponsor Purnama. ayah, mariana, ibu, purnama adik ke4, mariani, sulatri,  bibiWe are excited to hear that Linda will be keeping in touch with Purnama’s progress in school and even possibly visiting – and of course we will be too.

There are many more youngsters in Bali who are in huge need of sponsorship to help them complete school and open up new opportunities in life. If you can become a sponsor, please see our regularly updated Sponsorship Page or contact us at info@balichildrensproject.org